Believers Fellowship Church - "Taking life to a higher level"


 Believers Fellowship Church began with meetings in Pastor Allen Skrede’s home.  The meetings were informal studies of the Word of God. At the time we started in 1981 he owned the Abundant Life Bookstore and learned much from the written materials. Allen Skrede shared all that he was discovering in his studies with those interested believers who requested the studies. In that same year Allen Skrede was ordained. The church was registered as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit status with the IRS and formally became Believers Fellowship Church.

The group started with about 20 faithful people to the current number of 92 members. The average weekly attendance is about 85/90 people.

During the process of growth, we established children’s ministry, passionate worship with a full band, a vibrant youth group, and ongoing small groups. Some of those small groups have been especially for the men to include breakfast and study of the Word on a monthly basis. We have also included a group called the Sisters in the Lord with various functions on a monthly basis. The 50 year-old-plus have an occasional meal out or home meetings and are called the Prime Timers. And there is a Discipleship Class for adults that meets weekly on Sunday mornings. We continue to have a wonderful nursery available with trained helpers so that adults may get the most of the Word of God. The infants are taught the Word while in Nursery.

The children’s ministry includes study of the word, videos, and fun in every level of interest. Their favorite times have been when we've had a bouncy house, annual picnics with games, and VBS each summer. Every October we have a Halleluiah Night around the time of Halloween. One other aspect that has developed is the Filling Station Store where the children can take their earned “Bible-Bucks” and purchase items for themselves.  The curriculum used is based on the teachings from Mark Harper from Minnesota and Willie George in Tulsa, OK. Each of these men are tried and true ministers of the Word of God.

We have always been and always will be a Bible believing church that supports missionaries in prayer and finances on a monthly basis. We started out with Harvesters Together Min. with Rod & Dora Eulenfeld (South America) and Victorious Living Ministries with Paul & Mary Birt (Kenya, Africa.) We have added Faith Bible Missions with Terrah Overbo(Lima Peru), World International Ministries with Rune Edvardsen (Norway), and GoOne Ministries with Trever & Wendy Skrede.




Allen Skrede grew up on a family farm and helped his dad with chores and field work. Thinking that he knew of nothing else to do in life he purchased a farm in 1961. He later met and married a city girl, Mary Gray in 1965. They farmed together for 8 years. In 1973 he sold his farm and moved to the city of Viroqua. There he worked in a fertilizer plant. Still searching for “the right thing” to do in life, he was led by the Lord to attend meetings about the Holy Spirit.  In July of 1973, Allen received the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of the nine gifts of the Spirit in his life.

Later in the 1970's, he purchased what was known as the Lutheran Bookstore. He had longed to do that for many years. He renamed it the Abundant Life Bookstore. As he and his wife operated the store they were able to read many books that caused them to grow in the things of God. As the Bookstore owner, it was assumed by the church community that he could preach and was asked to do so several times. With knees shaking and heart pounding, he taught people what God was teaching him. In this time of his life God was gently calling him. The only thing he knew to do was to “provide a place where people could hear the uncompromised Word of God.” He was asked to have meetings in his home and it developed into quite a group. By word of mouth, it grew. He was asked to hold meetings in the LaFarge area as well. This went on for several months before the LaFarge people said they would attend Allen's meetings in Viroqua.

At the age of 38, he finally yielded to God’s call on his life and was encouraged by close friends and other pastors to make it a legal church.  It was in 1981 that the church was formed and given 501 (c) 3 non-profit status. In 1982, he was ordained and the church began to grow. The people received the preaching of the Word with signs following as is written in Mark 16:20. The core group of 20 became one of 90+ members. The people received many miracles from the Lord as Pastor Allen Skrede laid hands on them and prayed for them (also found in Mark 16.) He continues to see healings, deliverance from demonic activity, people freed from fears, and many saved.  In 2003, Pastor Allen joined with Dr. Mark T. Barclay, and Dr. Barclay is now his pastor.

There are several great things in his life that Pastor Allen holds precious; his wife, Mary, and three sons:  Craig, Trever, and Paul. These sons met and married wonderful women, and he now has nine grandchildren. Craig and Keeley have McKenzie, Moriah, Mason, and Mikki. Trever and Wendy have Jordyn, Brett, Whitney, and Brandon. Paul and Tricia have Hannah. Craig holds the position of Administrator/teacher at Faith Christian School in Williams Bay, WI. Keeley also teaches there. Trever is the Director of GoOne Ministries which is a missionary outreach program to help rescue orphans off the streets. Wendy is a growing author. Paul works at a local credit union as a loan officer, and Tricia works at Cornerstone Christian Academy in the Viroqua area. Paul and Tricia also minister in Believers Fellowship Church as the worship and youth ministers.